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American Eagle Day

June 20th commemorates the anniversary of the bald eagle’s selection as our national symbol on the Great Seal in 1782.  Today, it serves as a reminder of the bald eagle’s status as a conservation success story and celebrates the eagle’s triumphant return from near extinction.

Although the bald eagle has made a remarkable comeback, there is still work to be done. Trash and debris continue to pollute ecosystems across the US, especially in parks, roadways, rivers, lakes, and streams. Fishing line, hooks, rodenticides, and household garbage pose a serious threat to our incredible bald eagle and other species.

Click here to learn more about AED and our efforts to have all 50 states recognizes June 20th as American Eagle Day.

To celebrate American Eagle Day 2022, we have an exciting line-up of digital and in-person educational programming around rehabilitation and geared towards inspiring community action in conservation. 

All funds raised for American Eagle Foundation will benefit our new state of the art Education Center and Rehabilitation Hospital slated to open in June 2022. 

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Sponsor a Bald Eagle Room

Donate and your name will be displayed on an entry plaque as the sponsor of one of our bald eagle enclosures at our new facility!

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Personalized Brick Paver


Donate and receive a personalized brick paver that will be on prominent display at our new facility!

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2023 Schedule of Events

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