American Eagle Foundation is proud to announce the biggest expansion in our history. In 2023, AEF will be soaring into a brand-new facility housed on 57 spacious acres. Our new home will allow us to serve our mission pillars of conservation, education, and protection as never before.  

We invite our AEFamily to dream big and join us on this historic migration into the future.  

The Project Eagle campus is unprecedented in scale and offerings including:

  • Birds of Prey Museum
  • 3 Classrooms
  • Conference Center
  • Interactive Playscape
  • Administrative offices
  • Conservation gardens
  • Aviary Exhibits
  • And more!

And that’s all just Phase One! We are still in the development stages for Phase Two & Three which include our Rehabilitation and Research Center. In fact, we’ve barely begun to fledge!


For the first time ever, AEF’s conservation mission will take flight by creating a new gathering place for our beloved community. Our resident birds of prey will be viewable to visitors in their spacious aviaries, and free-flighted bird programs will display the incredible abilities of native raptors. Families will be able to enjoy walking trails, play areas, interactive exhibits, or even a stroll through our pollinator gardens. 


Visiting our facility and meeting our feathered ambassadors will create a lasting impact, inspiring and instructing our guests on ways to join us in conserving raptors.  


Our future headquarters will include a new educational facility poised to cultivate a lifelong passion for bald eagleand all birds of prey.

Featuring dynamic and adaptable classrooms, AEF will host field trips, workshops, summer camps, and conferences. Our STEM-based and research-backed curricula will endow students with transferable skillsets and memorable, hands-on learning opportunities. To better serve local schools and youths, AEF’s educational department will provide scholarships to ensure that conservation is accessible to all. 

An on-site studio will allow our education initiative to spread its wings on digital platforms. Our pioneering video production and innovative livestreamwill benefit not just learners but educators across the globe.  


AEF has released over 180 bald eagles back into the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and successfully rehabilitated many more birds of prey. At our future raptor rehabilitation clinic, our capacity to care for injured birds of prey will reach new heights. Outfitted with state-of-the-art veterinary equipment, resident veterinary experts, and skilled staff, our facility is sure to become the gold standard of avian rehabilitation. 

Our iconic bald eagle propagation program was just the beginning. This new facility will also house our future barn owl propagation program, through which American Eagle Foundation will honor our longstanding history of species protection. 

And You 

Through Project Eagle, we invite individuals and organizations to join us in shaping the future of American Eagle Foundation and leaving a legacy for generations to comeWatch this space for additional information about charitable donations, sponsorship opportunities, commemorative engravings, and more!  

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a philanthropic donor or corporate sponsor of Project Eagle, please contact the following:

Jessica A. Hall
Executive Director, American Eagle Foundation

Help us build a foundation for the future by making a donation!

Project Eagle Ground-breaking Ceremony