American Eagle Foundation’s

Eagle Honor Circle

The bald eagle is a meaningful symbol to our service members because it represents the freedom, strength, and perseverance of the nation they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting.

In our own efforts to protect the bald eagle and all birds of prey, American Eagle Foundation seeks to honor those who played a crucial role in serving our country.

In this spirit, American Eagle Foundation is proud to announce our Eagle Honor Circle, which will recognize those brave citizens who have soared above and beyond the call of duty. The commemorative bricks gracing this circle will be sheltered beneath both the American flag and the wings of our stunning bald eagle statue, located at the entrance to our new facility. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to honor those who have served, those who continue to serve, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. These bricks will be a lasting tribute to their legacy.


Each brick may be customized with 4 lines of text (15 characters per line), a military branch emblem, or a selection of meaningful symbols.

Click below to join us in honoring those who protected this country, ensuring that we had the freedom to protect the bald eagle and all birds of prey.