American Eagle Foundation is a donor-funded nonprofit that operates for the benefit of injured, non-releasable, and orphaned raptors. We’re also a collective of passionate individuals who strive to conserve, educate, and protect the bald eagle and all birds of prey. American Eagle Foundation is more than just an organization—we are a family.

Individuals who invest in the Founding Flock program are not just donating or paying a membership fee; they are buying an equity stake in the future of AEF. In return, Flock members will receive special edition merchandise, a yearly calendar, a Flock member memorial brick, special event tickets, discounts on exclusive merchandise, and more!

Join us in our mission to conserve, educate, and protect bald eagles and birds of prey by selecting a Founding Flock Membership or by making a one time donation or a recurring donation to the American Eagle Foundation.

All donations support the critical work of protecting and rehabilitating these magnificent birds of prey.