Support the NEFL Cam Project

THE AMERICAN EAGLE FOUNDATION is an experienced provider of stunning and educational digital experiences through our Educational Eagle Nest Cam Program. Beginning in 2013, our successive seasons streaming the NEFL eagle cam have been huge successes! Over 15,000,000 visitors to our cam page have been able to enjoy unprecedented, high-definition insight into the Bald Eagle nesting process as Romeo & Juliet raise their eaglets from downy bobbleheads to mighty eaglets, ready to find their own place in Nature.

The American Eagle Foundation is a public 501(c)3 charitable organization. Contributions to the American Eagle Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The AEF’s Tax Identification Number is 58-1652023.


If you would like to donate specifically to the NEFL Eagle Cam Project, we will make sure to allocate 100% of your donation to the operating costs of this cam project.

We use the finest quality cameras and are partnered with HDOnTap to stream in high definition video. Our cam operators, scattered over the United States, are capable, experienced, and dedicated in bringing all the special moments in the nest to your own computer or mobile device. Our Chat room is monitored by individuals who know eagles, who are conservation advocates, and who welcome each and every visitor into our group. They are patient, polite, and always ready to assist. Our nest cam chroniclers provide an on-going Event Log for all important activities in the nest, resulting a document that can be accessed for review and documentation.

In addition to private viewing, our eagle cams are watched by many classrooms, whose teachers sing our praises.



  • Jodi:  I wanted to tell you about a super fun activity we are doing in my 6th grade science classes with your cam. I was at Breeder’s Cup in Kentucky last weekend, and I was inspired by the analysis of data to make predictions on horses. I developed “Birder’s Cup” as a great activity for the kids. We are utilizing your timeline of data from your website to predict when the eggs will arrive, hatch, and when the hatchlings will fledge. It has been an absolute riot. Of course, I showed up with fabulous hats (because that’s what the ladies at the track do. The kids have been using lots of math skills (finding averages, determining time between dates) as well as research skills (typical age of fledging, etc) to come up with their predictions. There will be prizes for correct predictions. It has been so fun. Our next adventure will be to tape out the dimensions of the nest on the floor so they can see just how large it is. Thanks again for this cam, the mods, and this glimpse into our natural world.  It gives me a platform to infuse a sense of wonder and appreciation for our natural world into our students…who are so connected to devices that they forget to experience their surroundings. The kids just LOVE this cam, and so do I.
  • Lincoln3: Third graders love, love, love all the mods, camera person, our eagle family, and will continue to “perch” daily to learn more! Thank you for your patience. We love it!
  • MsAng: I love watching my kids’ expressions as they watch this nest. I wish you could see them when they share with other students and faculty. They have sparkles in their eyes and excitement in their voices. It’s magical. Vocabulary is increasing. Reading fluency is up.
  • Roy: Kids watching. Asking questions, reading. Answers provided from those who have a passion for and have studied the grand birds [our mods]. Kids’ awareness of eagles raised, perhaps stimulating their interest in wildlife in general. The technology for it all. It’s just stunning. I am humbled to witness this.
  • MsStoner: (I just love it!) You and all the moderators and zoomers are just out of this world. Your love for what you are doing and the patience and love for fellow eagle lovers, young and old, make your nest addicting! One can feel the “love” the chatters and all of you share. It’s just—I don’t know—I’m not sure Webster has a strong enough name for it!
  • Martee: I stream this all day in our library for students as they come in and out to get books. They love watching the eagles and are excited to be back next week to see the little ones.


  • Marion: I love watching these two parents and their devotion to the young. Thank you so much for the “window” into the intimate lives of the Wild.
  • Gaye: I have watched a lot of different bird cams & I am so very impressed with the cam quality, amazing cam operators, & knowledgeable mods. You are all first class.
  • Barb: I’ve watched lots of cams in the last few years. The streaming from your cams is absolutely awesome! The pictures are SO CLEAR and close up!! I’ve contacted 2 nursing homes in our town so they can watch the goings-on, and I contacted the head of the Science department at our high school. She said there are quite a few students who are interested in nature, and the cam will be a great addition to the classes.
  • Jijanell: Thanks for making this such an awesome experience and pleasant place to spend the morning!
  • PGlen: With all the troubles in the news, coming to this nest is like finding an oasis in the desert. Thank you for being here.
  • Trippical: This is a life-changing experience for me, in so many ways. I have spent the last couple of months GLUED to this screen. The anticipation of PIP, the excitement of hatch, the fears, the tears—I feel as though I am there. THANK YOU AEF!!! from the bottom of my heart!