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Welcome to our online store, the designs below are inspired by our educational ambassadors and created by AEF Staff. On occasion we may feature merchandise showcasing the designs from Fan Art contest.

Utilizing Spring as our online store has enabled us to offer a variety of merchandise, in a variety of colors and sizes! We have shirts, mugs, stickers, tote bags, and notebooks (NEW)!

Simply click on the product image or the text below the image to purchase, this will redirect you to the American Eagle Foundation store on Spring.  

Thank you for continuing to support the American Eagle Foundation through Donations, and Merchandise sales!

This limited-edition design celebrates the American Eagle Foundation’s largest expansion ever: Project Eagle. Poised on 57 spacious acres, our new facility will allow us to enact our mission pillars of Conservation, Education, and Protection like never before.

This design showcases some of American Eagle Foundation’s most well-loved educational ambassadors. Featured are Challenger the bald eagle, George the turkey vulture, Bash the black vulture, Poe the raven, and Petunia the peregrine falcon.

This design features feathers in fun colors! Bird of prey feathers have varied colors and patterns. The shape and complex structure of a feather makes them unique in the avian world.

Feather Slides

*Runs small order a size larger*

In response to dozens of requests for t-shirts featuring our favorite red-head, AEF hosted a Fan Art contest on George_the_vulture’s Instagram. Those that were interested in creating a piece of art that would be featured on a t-shirt fundraiser were encouraged to share their work with us and the George fans did not disappoint! Eleven very talon-ted artists submitted a design and then you, his followers, collectively voted to select two favorite designs.

Congratulations to Livia Hamel and Christopher Harris!

Bash is a non-releasable black vulture that lives at the American Eagle Foundation. Her endearing antics have captured the hearts of both her avian care specialists and her Instagram community (IG: Bashthevulture). Now, you can sport your love for Bash-and vulture kind-wherever you go!