Name Barney and Barnadette’s offspring!

For the first time in AEF history, you can participate in naming Barney and Barnadette’s offspring!

We are excited to announce that our bonded pair of barn owls, Barney and Barnadette are already rearing offspring! There are currently two new owlets on the block at AEF! When these owlets reach 8-10 weeks of age they will be released into the wild. The barn owl is on the decline in TN, and it is our hope that we can help stabilize the population through this propagation program.

We are launching a “Name the owlets” fundraiser that allows our community of supporters an opportunity to participate in naming while giving a small charitable donation to help us continue our mission to conserve not only the bald eagle but all birds of prey. 

Now, we need your help in naming the feathery additions! For a $10 donation you can submit a name for one of the two owlets.

The premise of the fundraiser is simple:

#1 – Donate $10 for a chance to win naming rights for one of the two very first owlets reared by Barney and Barndette here at AEF.

#2 – You can “stuff the ballot” for an even greater chance to win.

#3 – We reserve the right to reject names if they are politically motivated, discriminatory in nature, or contain profanity. Names can include words from American history, patriotism, art (including music, dance, painting, etc.), science, literature, spirituality, or virtues. Please, No “pet” (like Spot or Fido), or gender-specific names – inappropriate names will not be considered. Refunds are not available.

#4 – The final naming announcement will be made on 8-4-22
All donations must be made by 12pm Est on 8-1-22

#5 – All funds raised from this fundraiser will support conservation, education, and rehabilitation efforts at AEF including associated propagation program costs*.