Name the Eastlake Ohio Nestlings!

The Eastlake Ohio volunteers were given the opportunity to help pick names for the eaglet trio hatched this year – The names selected are listed below.

We are excited to announce a NEW opportunity to be a part of the EastLake Ohio nest family.

Jackson and Kindness have had their work cut out for them this season with three eaglets to feed, both parents have been diligent and dedicated to their young. These eaglets are about 9 1/2 weeks old so now we want you to have the opportunity to help in naming OH3 and OH4. OH2 will receive a special name honoring an important public figure in the Eastlake community.

We are launching a “Name the Eastlake eaglets” fundraiser that allows all viewers an opportunity to participate in voting without the higher cost of purchasing an AEF membership.

The premise of the fundraiser is simple:

#1 – Six names have been selected by our Eastlake Ohio volunteer team: Each name was deliberately chosen to highlight the unique characteristics of this nest or of eagles in general. Some names honor the beautiful surrounding habitat where this nest is located, and some names have special meaning.

#2 – For a donation of $5 per vote, you can “stuff the ballot” for your favorite name for OH3 and OH4. Feel free to vote for your selection as many times as you want. The names that raises the most donations will be the names given to OH3 and OH4.

#3 – To make your donation and vote, see the naming options below.

#4 – The final naming announcement will be made on 6-17-22 at 2pm est.
All donations must be made by 12pm Est on 6-17-22

#5 – All funds raised from this fundraiser will be used to support conservation, education, and rehabilitation efforts at AEF including associated wildlife cam program costs*.

*Equipment, internet, maintenance, IT fees, etc.

 Submitted names and reasons – 
1. RiverAfter the Chagrin river
2. AceHigh flying bird
3. EastAfter the city of Eastlake
4. CaptainAfter the lake county Captains baseball team
5. Aspen – In greek it means shield” 
6. Forest – Symbolism in folklore, the name forest took on symbolic characteristics, to represent courage and endurance