Name the NEFL Nestling!

 The NEFL volunteers were given the opportunity to name NE26 – The name selected was Jasper(NE26) hatched during the winter stormJasper” that affected the nest area. This name also means precious gemstone/gemstone speckled like eagles/  “bringer of treasure”.

We’re excited to announce a NEW opportunity to be a part of this NEFL nest family… NE26 and NE27 are 4 weeks old and are thriving. Gabrielle & Samson, are diligently providing nourishment and protection for the eaglets, ensuring their survival. So far, it looks like another successful season is happening at NEFL!

 Now we want you to have the opportunity to name NE27!

We are launching a “Name NE27” fundraiser that allows all viewers an opportunity to participate in voting without the higher cost of purchasing an AEF membership.

The premise of the “Name NE27” fundraiser is simple:

#1 – Five names have been selected by our NEFL volunteer team: Each name was deliberately chosen to highlight the unique characteristics of this nest.  Some names honor the beautiful surrounding habitat where this nest is located.

#2 – For a donation of $5 per vote, you can “stuff the ballot” for your favorite name for NE27.  Feel free to vote for your selection as many times as you want.  The name that raises the most donations will be the name given to NE27.

#3 – To make your donation and vote, see the naming options below.

#4 – The final naming announcement will be made on 3-11-22 at 2pm est.
All donations must be made by 12pm est on 3-11-22

#5 – All funds raised from this fundraiser will be used to support conservation, education, and rehabilitation efforts at AEF including associated wildlife cam program costs*.

*equipment, internet, maintenance, IT fees, etc.

Submitted names and reasons – 
1. Sunny refers to the “Sunshine State of FL”
2. Garnet refers to the January gemstone (the month NE27 hatched)
3. Jiji means clever and wise in Korean
4. River is a nod to Majory Stoneman Douglas who wrote “Everglades: River of Grass” which has been credited with influencing the creation of numerous parks and related conservation groups.
5. Rocket refers to the space coast area and the rockets that can be seen from the nest area. Rocket also describes the eaglet who will soon be taking off into the sky, flying and soaring high.