Species: Falco peregrinus, Peregrine Falcon   •   Hatch Year: 2019    •   Sex: Female  •   Disability: Right Wing Injury

Petunia was transferred to the AEF in June 2020 from World Bird Sanctuary. Petunia is believed to have hatched in 2019 and shortly after leaving the nest suffered an injury to her right wing. She arrived at World Bird Sanctuary in 2019 for rehab and despite the efforts of her rehabbers she did not regain full flight capability. She was deemed non-releasable and has found her permanent home here with us at the AEF. Petunia is an extremely curious bird and her adorable head tilts quickly stole the entire staff’s hearts.


Everything about these birds is built for speed: long pointed wings, a long tail and even spiraled nostrils so they can breathe at high speeds. Their build also helps them to match every twist and turn of their fleeing prey and to catch them in mid air.

Peregrine Falcons are extremely fast. They have been recorded at speeds over 255 mph. Birds, ducks and bats are some of the animals that make up the Peregrine’s diet.