It’s Time To Name Our Eastlake OH Nestling!


At approximately 4 weeks old, OH1 is doing great and growing fast! Kindness and Jackson are  proving to be exceptional parents. Our boots on the ground volunteers have gone above and beyond to provide photos and videos of the activity at the new nest.

And now, it’s time for a NAME!

Please carefully read the Contest Rules & Regulations in the form below and submit your name for consideration.


  1. The first phase begins on 5/3/21 and ends at 5 pm EST on  5/7/21.  Name submissions will be open to the public – anyone can submit names!
  2. The second phase begins on 5/10/21 and ends at 5 pm EST on  5/14/21.  This round will be an AEF member-only voting.

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There are many levels of membership to choose from! We encourage you to partner with us to continue our mission to Conserve, Educate, and Protect the bald eagle and all birds of prey.

  1. Each entry should contain one name for  eaglet  OH1. Only one entry per person will be allowed. With each name submitted, we encourage a brief explanation why you chose the name.  AND once there is final voting by members, the explanation is included.
  2. Names can include words from American history, patriotism, art (including music, dance, painting, etc.), science, literature, spirituality, or virtues.

Please, No “pet” (like Spot or Fido), or gender-specific names – inappropriate names will not be considered.

  1. After submitting your choice, you are welcome to provide the name of a United States serviceman or woman or First Responder you would like to honor or memorialize with your submission (active, retired, or deceased.) Be sure to include a sentence about the person you choose – (for example, John Jones – served in the United States Navy during WWII, or John Jones, killed in action while serving as a Marine in Afghanistan.) NOTE: The name for OH1 should not be the same name as this individual.
  2. Names used for previous naming contests or naming campaigns for ANY of the AEF Nest Cams will not be considered.
    Romeo & Juliet
    Prior to AEF Cams – Jock & Jill, Whitey & Dudley, Jack & Lo.
    After AEF Cams – Samson & Delilah, Nick & Noel, Liberty & Justice, Peace & Hope, Sky & Spirit
    Samson & Gabrielle
    Romey & Jules
    Freedom & Liberty, Honor & Glory, Victory & Valor
    Awohali & Denali Claussen

By participating, you understand that your name may be included in social media posts when we announce the names of the eaglets.

The final naming announcement will be made on 5/17/21.