2019 Smoky Mountain Nesting Season

Congratulations are in order for Sir Hatcher II and Lady Independence. Although we didn’t get to document their 2019 season on web cams, we are thrilled to introduce our viewers to their two eaglets that were hatched this season—SM17 and SM18!

It is unclear when Lady Independence laid the 2019 eggs or when the eggs hatched, but based on when she was last seen on web cam at nest #4, along with her history of laying eggs in late February, it is probable that SM17 and SM18 were 17-19 weeks old as of July 30, 2019.

SM17 and SM18 perched in tree with Lady Independence in the top part of the tree. Photo courtesy of Sevierville Golf Club.

SM17 or SM18 perched in tree. Photo by Charles Collins.

We are working to discover the location of their current nest (Nest #5). If at all possible, a cam or cams will be installed there in case the eagles choose it in 2020.

We don’t know why they left their 2017/2018 nest (nest #4). They had cleared the off-season overgrowth, they were tending to it, and it looked like it was ready to go. They were meeting, eating, and mating there on a regular basis and there were no intruders at the nest. In case they choose it for their 2020 season, the web cams will be ready for them.

We wish eaglets SM17 & SM18 safe journeys as they join others of their kind in the World of Nature.