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Educational Resources

Information that can be accessed from this page includes: links to eagle cams, information about Bald Eagles and other eagles, spectacular photos and videos of eagles, teaching units on the Bald Eagle, laws pertaining to Bald Eagle protection, where to go to see eagles in the wild, eagle festivals, information and maps showing how the Bald Eagle came back from being an endangered species, what you can do to help eagles, how the Bald Eagle became the national symbol for the United States — and many other topics pertaining to eagles.

Many thanks to Bob Hatcher, Retired Coordinator (2001); Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, for compiling this comprehensive list of Eagle Resources for the American Eagle Foundation. In addition, Bob answers all eagle-related questions which are generated by people visiting our website.

Cams, Eagle
Life History of Golden Eagles
Miscellaneous Birds, Endangered Species, Nature, Environment
Feathers & Other Eagle Parts in Native American Religious Ceremonies National Symbol Endangered Species, Miscellaneous
General Bald Eagle Information & References Student / Teacher Units for Studying the Bald Eagle
Environmental Education (EE)
Photos of Eagles Poems, Songs, & Videos About Eagles Raptors, Other Than Eagles
Helping Eagles Rehabilitation Rules & Guidelines Abbreviations and Home Web Addresses of Cited Web Sites
History and Recovery Symbolism of Eagles National Eagle Speakers Bureau
Laws Related to Eagles Viewing Eagles Eagle Exhibits in the United States and Canada
Life History of Bald Eagles Worldwide Eagles Books, DVDs, Videos
Eagle Festivals and Events Raptor and Wildlife Rehabilitators by State
Girl and Boy Scout Patch
Eagle Environmental Contaminants
Cams, Eagle

American Eagle Foundation, Tennessee

Decorah, Iowa - Spectacular Wild Bald Eagle Nest (posted April 3, 2011)

Alaska Webcams

National Conservation Training Center (USFW)

USFW Eagle Cam in Shepherdstown, WA

Northeast Utilities

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Feathers and Other Eagle Parts in Native American Religious Ceremonies

Golden Eagle Feather Use by Native Americans

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Eagle Repository

Possession of Migratory Bird Parts

Eagle Parts Repository Newspaper Article

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General Bald Eagle Information and References

American Bald Eagle Information

Bald Facts About Bald Eagles In Tennessee (pdf)

American Eagle Foundation

Eagle Scout Ceremony

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Student / Teacher Resource Units on the Bald Eagle

Endangered Species Unit on The Bald Eagle
Originally developed by Vanderbilt University's Learning Technology Center
Updated and Revised by Bob Hatcher, AEF

The Bald Eagle
An elementary school unit developed by Sally Moorer

Helping Eagles

American Eagle Foundation

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History and Recovery of Eagles


President Clinton Delisting Proposal, USFWS

Bald Eagle Delisting and Legalities

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Laws Related to Eagles

Laws that Protect Bald Eagles

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

Endangered Species Act of 1973, USFWS

Lacey Act, USFWS

Migratory Bird Treat Act, USFWS

National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines

Bald and Golden Eagle Permits

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Life History of Bald Eagles

Watching Eagles Grow

Bent's Bald Eagle Life History

General Life History, USFWS

Life Histories of Familiar North American Birds

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Life History of Golden Eagles

Life History of Golden Eagles

Life Histories of Familiar North American Birds

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Bald Eagle as National Symbol

American Bald Eagle Information

American Eagle Foundation

Flag Display Code

Flag Display Protocol

Great Seal of the U.S.

Great Seal of the U.S. (Blazon)

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Photos of Eagles

Webcrawler Images of Eagles

Google Images of Challenger, the Bald Eagle

Eagles in the Wild, Woodrow Dawson

Eagles and Birds of Prey, Ashley Hockenberry

Google Eagle Images

Eagle Photos on Flickr

Photos of Eagles Species of the World

Eagle Stock Images, John Herron

Eagle and Nature Photography, Rolf Hicker

U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service

Eagle Themed Merchandise, AEF

Bald Eagle Photo Gallery, AEF

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Poems, Videos, & Songs About Eagles

Poems About Eagles

The Bald Eagles of Anclote
by Andrea Pico Estrada of Pinellas County, FL

When Challenger Flies

James Rogers

Save the Eagle Song, AEF

YouTube AEF Videos

National Geographic: Bald Eagles Come Back From the Brink

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Rehabilitation Rules and Guidelines Concerning Eagles

Bird Diseases


Raptors and Other Species

Ethics, Guidelines, Cascades Raptor Center

Coot and Eagle Brain Lesion Syndrome

Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases

Lead Poisoning of Eagles and Other Species

Flight Enclosures for Eagles

The Raptor Center, Univ. of Minnesota

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

Rehab Rules for Eagles, USFWS

Vet Tech Resources

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Symbolism of Eagles

American Eagle Foundation (The Great Seal)

The Great Seal

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Viewing Eagles

Viewing Eagles in Alaska

Viewing Eagles in Alaska (another site)

Viewing Eagles in Illinois, Illinois River

Viewing Eagles in Iowa, Red Rock Lake

Viewing Eagles in Kentucky/Tennessee Dale Hollow Lake

Viewing Eagles in Minnesota

Viewing Eagles on the Mississippi River

Viewing Eagles in Nebraska

Viewing Eagles in New York, Hudson River

Viewing Eagles on Reelfoot Lake, TN

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Worldwide Eagles

U.S. & Worldwide Eagles

Crowned Eagles

General, AEBI

General, AEF

Harpy Eagle 1

Harpy Eagle 2

Philippine Eagle

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Miscellaneous Birds, Endangered Species, Nature, Environment

Opportunities in Forestry


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Endangered Species, Miscellaneous

Global, WCMC
(World Conservation Monitoring Centre)

(U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service)

U.S. & Global, EE
(Environmental Education)

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Environmental Education (EE)

Children's Eagle Crafts

EE Organizations and Projects about Eagles

EE Organization Directory

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Eagle Environmental Contaminants

Lead Poisoning

Concerns Arise Over Lead Impacts - National Wildlife Health Center

Helping America's Bird - Universiy of Minnesota Raptor Center

Get the Lead Out - Cornell Labs of Ornithology

Get the Lead Out - Center for Biological Diversity

Lead Toxicity in Bald Eagles - WHSV TV Interview with Wildlife Center of Virginia

How We Needlessly Poison Ourselves and Wildlife - Multiple Sources

Lead vs. Copper Bullets - National Park Service

Copper Bullet Testing 2011 - Institute for Biological Studies & National Park Service

Species Ingesting or Poisoned by Lead - Literature Review by Save Our American Raptors

Bad Shot - Audubon Magazine

Hunting Lead Free & Saving Wildlife - (Links to 14 Lead Impact References), Save Our American Raptors

DDT Impacts

American Bald Eagle - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

DDT and Birds - Stanford University

DDT - Journey North

Raptors, Other Than Eagles

Birds of Prey, AEF

Flight Enclosures for Raptors

Nest Box Designs and Backyard Birds

Raptor Species Links

Birds of Prey, OK

Raptor Facts, TRC

Birds of Prey Foundation

Raptor Research Foundation

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Abbreviations and Home Web Addresses of Cited Web Sites

AEF - American Eagle Foundation

BPF - Birds of Prey Foundation

INHS - Illinois Natural History Survey

LHFNAB - Electronic Book, "Life Histories of Familiar N. American Birds"

NFL - National Football League

NWF - National Wildlife Federation

NWRA - National Wildlife Rehabilitators Assoc.

NYSDEC - New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation Endangered Species

PIF - Partners in Flight

RCAU - Raptor Center of Auburn University

RRF - Raptor Research Foundation

TRC - The Raptor Center, University of Minnesota

USFWS - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

USGS/NWHC - U.S. Geological Survey/National Wildlife Health Center

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National Eagle Speakers Bureau

National Eagle Speakers Bureau

Eagle Exhibits in the United States and Canada

List of Eagle Exhibit Locations

Eagle Festivals and Events in the United States and Canada

Eagle Festivals & Events (U.S. & Canada)

Boy and Girl Scout Patch Activity

Scout Patch (PDF)


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