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Conduct An Eagle Fundraiser!


You can make a donation to the non-profit American Eagle Foundation (AEF) at any time during the year.

You may want to organize a fund-raising project at your school, club, business or organization to support our various eagle care, recovery and protection programs.

You may even want to help underwrite the expense of bringing our Birds Of Prey Program to your school/event or to Adopt An Eagle.

Simply choose a "Protect America's Eagles" fundraiser that suits your purposes.

You may decide on one or more of the following activities:

  • Sell the AEF's "Save America's Eagles" Tee-Shirts
  • Sell other merchandise available through the AEF's on-line gift shop
  • Conduct a penny, quarter or dollar collection drive ("March of Dollars")
  • Sell baked goods
  • Conduct a raffle
  • Conduct a recyclable collection & redemption drive (paper, plastics, cans & bottles)
  • Conduct a sponsored walk or run
  • Conduct a read-a-thon
  • Conduct a pizza or pool party
  • Conduct a teacher rent-a-student service
  • Operate a shoeshine stand at your local mall or Wal-Mart
  • Sell candy and/or school supplies
  • Sell nesting tree seedlings (to grow future bird nest trees)
  • Sell hand-made birds of prey lapel buttons
  • Sell hand-made greeting cards or stationary

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Sell AEF Tee Shirts & Other Merchandise To Help Eagles:

If you choose to sell the AEF's "Protect America's Eagles ®" Tee-Shirts or other official merchandise — either to bring our Birds Of Prey Program to your school or to Adopt An Eagle — just call us for a copy of our "Official Order Form" and begin taking orders right away.

There's no up-front money required (or purchase of merchandise in advance) before you can begin selling.

You can sell our beautiful, high-quality and educational merchandise at school, events, door-to-door or the work places of parents, friends and relatives.

We will pay for the shipping, and the items will be delivered to your school, office, business or home within three weeks after you place your order with us.

How It Works:

For instance, we recommend that you sell our "Protect America’s Eagles" tee shirt for $20 each.

After you’ve determined the total amount of expense (donation) required to either bring our Birds Of Prey Program to your school/event or to Adopt An Eagle, you’ll then need to sell one (2) tee shirts for every $10.00 of that expense.

So, you’ll only be able to apply $5 per tee shirt toward the expense for your bird program or adoption.

Therefore, simply divide the total bird program or adoption expense by $5.00 to determine the total number of shirts that you will need to sell.

So, if you adopt an individual eagle for a $250 donation, you will need to sell 50 tee shirts.  If you adopt a breeding pair of eagles for a $500 donation, you will need to sell 100 tee shirts.

The above-mentioned formula will only apply if you use the "suggested retail price" specified by the AEF (on our gift shop website).

Call us today to get your Official Order Form and more information: 1-800-2EAGLES

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