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Questions and Answers

In response to the many questions from our enthusiastic viewers of our Eagle Cam babies, we have decided to try to answer some of them here. The newest Qs and As will be at the top of the list. Other than that, there is no order of listing.  Please check back frequently, and if you don't see your question / answer here, email Also, please understand that some questions do not have easy / black and white answers. We will limit the Qs and As to those that do.

Q. Will E-2 and E-3 be in the same compartment in the hack tower as E-1?
A. Yes

Q. Will the eaglets in the hack tower be given whole food at some point in time so they can learn to tear it apart on their own?
A. Yes. The staff will provide a fish that has been opened up (as well as just cut-up pieces of fish) - and also a whole fish at the same time so the eaglet will learn to make the connection. When it does, then it will not be necessary to cut up the fish for him.

Q. How does the AEF determine the sex of an eaglet?
A. Eagle Expert Jim Watson of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has posted this information: Females are, on average, larger than males. 2 size measurements are also used: beak depth and hallux (toe claw) length. These measurements show the greatest separation in sexes. These measurements can be used in the following equation: sex = (bill depth x 0.392) + (hallux length x 0.340) - 27.694 (measurements in millimeters). If the answer is positive, the eagle is a female. If the answer is negative, the eagle is a male.

The AEF does not do invasive sexing or DNA testing.

Q. When will the sex of the eaglets in the Eagle Nest Cam be determined?
A. About 2 days before releasing.

Q. When will the eaglets be given names?
A. Close to the release date.

Q. How far off the ground is the hack tower?
A. Our hack tower is at the top of a hill overlooking Douglas Lake in East Tennessee. The tower itself is about 20 feet high and has 4 nesting compartments (each compartment can hold 3 eaglets).

Q. What about perches in the hack tower compartments?
A. There are 2 perches: one is about 6" off the ground, and the other is about 24" off the ground. When the eaglet is about 12-13 weeks of age, it is able to jump up on the higher perch.




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