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"American Eagle Day" Letter Writing Campaign


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URGENT MESSAGE From AEF President Al Cecere:

It is very important for schools, 4-H clubs, girl/boy scout organizations and others to continue writing letters to their Governors requesting the establishment of "American Eagle Day" in their respective States. We need all 50 States on board with "American Eagle Day" proclamations to show national grass-roots support. The June 20th celebration deadline will be coming upon us very soon.

Those participating in the "American Eagle Day" letter-writing campaign should "immediately" begin writing to President Obama - using a form letter similar to the one used to write to Governors (see recommended letter and other instructions below).

The following address should be used when writing to the President:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

When writing to the President, be sure to mention that the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives have introduced and passed special "American Eagle Day" resolutions for several years, and that Governors across the nation are making similar proclamations.

We need to make it clear to President Obama that we would like him to support the American Eagle Foundation's campaign to establish a permanent annual "American Eagle Day" for the benefit of eagles and the American people.

Thank you for your hard work, accomplishments and continuing commitment.


Al Cecere
Founder & President
American Eagle Foundation

Our Nation's SymbolThe Bald Eagle was selected as the U.S.A.'s National Emblem by our country's Founding Fathers on June 20, 1782 at the Second Continental Congress. For over 200 years now, it has served as the pride of America's skies and the living symbol of all that we Americans stand for . . . Freedom, Courage, Strength, Spirit, and Excellence.

The Bald Eagle is deeply rooted in our nation's heritage, folklore and environment, and has special meaning to many Americans. Eagle images and references are woven into the very fabric of our society, including our architecture, music, literature, art, clothing, and commercial products.

Since the founding of our country, there has never been a "national day" set aside to annually recognize our country's inspirational bird and the role that it has played in our lives, past and present. Together, we can make June 20th an annual day to remember and commemorate this majestic and important American symbol.

We almost lost America's precious eagles due to our own mistakes and neglect. Instead, our nation's citizens rose to the occasion and accepted the challenge and responsibility to save and protect it for future generations to enjoy. We have made encouraging progress, but must continue this commitment until the Bald Eagle has made a full and healthy recovery to our lands, waterways, and skies. It's important that every American get involved.

In 1995, at the request of the American Eagle Foundation (formerly National Foundation to Protect America's Eagles), President Bill Clinton and Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist each proclaimed June 20th a special day to commemorate the anniversary of the Bald Eagle as our country's National Symbol.

In 1997, the American Eagle Foundation initiated a campaign to convince the President and Congress of the United States to officially establish June 20th as a special day to annually commemorate the Bald Eagle's selection as our National Symbol, celebrate its physical recovery to America's skies, and observe the values, ideals and attributes for which it stands.

On May 1, 2007, the Senate unanimously passed a special resolution naming June 20, 2007 "American Eagle Day". A similar resolution was unanimously approved by the House on June 5, 2007. Both resolutions were passed again in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013.

2013 Senate Resolution (PDF)  2011 House Resolution (PDF)

To kick off its effort to have a permanent and annual "American Eagle Day" recognized and declared by the U. S. Government, the Foundation has enlisted the help of school children (and youth in various organizations) coast to coast to write thousands of letters asking our nation's governors and elected representatives in Washington to support the "American Eagle Day" vision and make it a reality for the American people.

"American Eagle Day" has not yet been officially established on a permanent basis by our federal government and by all 50 state governments.

In the meantime, the Foundation has itself declared June 20th "American Eagle Day", while it continues its efforts to convince the President, Governors and representatives in the U.S. Congress to do the same.

On "American Eagle Day", the Foundation is encouraging the American people to do the following:

  1. Tell the story of how our National Symbol came to be.
  2. Remember how we almost lost our living symbol, the Bald Eagle, in the wild to extinction, and how our nation rallied to save and protect it.
  3. Educate about the need to restore and protect eagles and all endangered species.
  4. Observe the principles upon which our country's independence and freedoms were founded.
  5. Organize activities that renew the American spirit by promoting pride and patriotism.
  6. Challenge citizens to strive toward quality and excellence in all that they do—acting like symbolic American Eagles.
  7. Recognize people in communities across the nation who have made significant "beyond the call of duty" contributions helping or improving the lives of others — American Eagle Heroes (give them special "American Eagle Awards".
  8. Challenge ourselves to strive toward quality and excellence.

"American Eagle Day" is an annual event that MUST BE RENEWED EACH YEAR by the governor of a state. Below is a list of governors who have signed such a proclamation in the past.  Please help us reach our 50 state goal by June 20, 2015.

Current governors and their mailing addresses can be accessed by following this link.

American Eagle Day Governor Proclamations
Updated by American Eagle Foundation, 6/20/2014


State Date Governor
Alabama 6/12/14 Gov. Robert Bentley
Arizona 6/ /14 Gov. Janice K. Brewer
California 6/10/08 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Colorado 4/2/13 Gov. John Hickenlooper
Connecticut 4/08 Gov. M. Jodi Rell
Delaware 6/07 Gov. Ruth Ann Minner
Florida 6/10/14 Gov. Rick Scott
Georgia 6/6/14 Gov. Nathan Deal
Hawaii 6/4/07 Gov. Linda Lingle
Idaho 6/8/07 Gov. C. L. "Butch" Otter
Illinois 2014 Gov. Pat Quinn
Indiana 6/20/14 Gov. Mike Pence
Iowa 6/7/14 Gov. T. Branstad
Kansas 6/10/14 Gov. Sam Brownback
Kentucky 5/30/07 Gov. Ernie Fletcher
Louisiana 4/20/13 Gov. Bobby Jindal
Maine 6/6/14 Gov. Paul R. LePage
Maryland 6/20/14 Gov. Martin O'Malley
Massachusetts 6/12/14 Gov. Deval L. Patrick
Michigan 4/07 Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm
Minnesota 6/16/14 Gov. Mark Dayton
Missouri 6/20/14 Gov. Jeremiah W. Nixon
Montana 6/12/14 Gov. Steve Bullock
Nebraska 2/28/12 Gov. Dave Heineman
Nevada 6/25/14 Gov. Brian Sandoval
New Hampshire 6/12/14 Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan
New Jersey 6/10/14 Gov. Chris Christie
New Mexico 6/18/14 Gov. Susana Martinez
North Carolina 6/12/14 Gov. Pat McCrory
North Dakota 6/19/07 Gov. John Hoeven
Ohio 6/20/14 Gov. John R. Kasich
Oklahoma 6/16/14 Gov. Mary Fallin
Pennsylvania 6/6/14 Gov. Tom Corbett
Rhode Island 6/20/14 Gov. Lincoln D. Chafee
South Carolina 6/14 Gov. Nikki R. Haley
South Dakota 6/16/14 Gov. Dennie Daugaard
Tennessee 6/10/14 Gov. Bill Haslam
Texas 5/31/12 Gov. Rick Perry
Vermont 6/12/12 Gov. Peter Shumlin
Virginia No date
Gov. Terence R. McAuliffe
Washington 3/9/12 Gov. Chris Gregoire
West Virginia 6/10/14 Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin
Wisconsin 6/17/14

Gov. Scott Walker



Washington, DC

Mayor Vincent C. Gray

Anchorage, AK

Mayor Dan Sullivan


We are asking teachers and students in schools nationwide (and other youth organizations and their members) to celebrate the recovery and delisting of the Bald Eagle - its homecoming to America's lands, waterways and skies - by participating in our "American Eagle Day" letter writing campaign and other activities.

We encourage participants to write letters to their Governor and President Obama. We would like all 50 states involved before the 41st Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act.

Again, the American Eagle Foundation has already introduced "American Eagle Day" resolutions in Congress (Senate and House) to get the process moving forward on a federal level.

Letters written by teachers and students (and other organization leaders and members) to request the establishment of a permanent annual "American Eagle Day" should be sent to their respective Governors and the President as soon as possible.

When writing to your Governor, you should follow the instructions below and only use the Sample Letter and Proclamation we have provided. The same letter format can be  used to write to the President, but do not send the sample Governor proclamation to the President.

How To Participate!

IMPORTANT: This section explains in detail the exact directions for participation.

We request that teachers (and organization leaders) write a very brief letter to the American Eagle Foundation (AEF) to inform us that their students (or members) will participate in the letter writing campaign.

Please make sure to provide the following information on that letter to the AEF:

  • Name of teacher(s), Principal or group leader in charge of letter writing campaign
  • Name of school or organization
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Fax number
  • Grade level(s)
  • Number of students or members participating in letter writing campaign
  • Complete name and mailing address of school

Then, the sample letter to Governors (and the President) that we provide to you should be retyped, printed and signed by the teacher, Principal or group leader in charge of the letter writing campaign at each school (or organization).

This letter should be sent to your Governor along with the sample Proclamation that we also provide (click the following links).

  • Sample Letter (in PDF Format for easy printing and mailing)
  • American Eagle Day Proclamation (in PDF Format for easy printing and mailing) This Proclamation should ONLY be sent to your Governor, and NOT to the President of the United States (ONLY the letter above should be sent to both the President and the Governor).
  • The student's desire to see American Eagle Day established on June 20, 2014 in their state and nationally
  • The student's own feelings about the American Bald Eagle as an animal and as America's national symbol

Students (or individual group members) can also write personal letters to their respective Governors, but these letters do not need to have any specific format or wording, except that they must mention the following two things:

These personal letters can be as creative as a student wants it to be and can include pictures and drawings.

Next, send the recommended teacher(s)/principal letter, American Eagle Day proclamation, and all student letters to your Governor.

Also send a copy of this letter to:

"American Eagle Day"
Letter Campaign
American Eagle Foundation
P. O. Box 333
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

Finally, as soon as you receive an official signed Proclamation from your Governor, we ask that you send us a copy right away, so we can keep our record-keeping of participating schools and states.

IMPORTANT: June 20, 2015 is approaching quickly, so please be sure to start this project as early as possible in 2014. The letter writing should only take an hour or so, and it provides a fun learning activity and civics lesson for students.

We would like letters from all participating schools to arrive at your State Capitol Building and the White House as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!

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