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A comprehensive list of Eagle Resources - photos, events, facts, history and recovery, study units -- and so much more!
Each nesting season, our nesting pairs get busy and soon eggs and baby eaglets appear. You can watch all this activity from our live feed eagle cam!
The people and legislation who helped bring back the Bald Eagle from the brink of extinction, along with population maps.
All our eagles are "special" - But of course, some (like Challenger & Osceola) are more famous than others. After you read their bios, you may want to "adopt" one of these magnificent birds.
A resource with activities and suggestions for making June 20 a Day for Eagles!
Schools, 4-H clubs, girl/boy scout organizations and others have been writing their Governors requesting the establishment of "American Eagle Day" in their respective States. You can be a part of this great movement and we walk you through the process.
Visit DollyWood to see this one-of-a-kind family experience
Visit this comprehensive page to find out where you can view eagles in the wild, state by state!
Information about the different species of eagles and raptors, along with historical information about eagle symbolism.
A state-by-state listing of zoos and sanctuaries which have eagle exhibits open to the public.
Schools all over America have participated in fundraisers which support eagle restoration and protection.
People, organizations and agencies that make speakers and trained birds of prey available to schools, clubs, church groups, and special events to educate the public about the need to protect bald eagles, birds of prey and other natural resources.
 Poems, Songs, and Videos
Inspirational and creative, these poems, songs, and videos will stir your hearts!

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