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09/18/13 Born to Be - A New Book About Bald Eagle Challenger
09/14/13 Bald and Golden Eagles Are Being Killed by Wind Turbines
08/06/13 Pair of American Eagles Released to the Wild
08/04/13 WWII POW Veteran Honored at AEF Eagle Release - August 2, 2013
06/27/13 Eaglets Graduate to Hack Tower - June 16, 2013
06/04/13 Bald Eaglets Rescued in Sevier County by AEF
05/31/13 AEF Highlights from Memorial Day Weekend (2013)
05/29/13 Eagle Springs Winery Donates $5,000 to American Eagle Foundation
05/23/13 $20,000 Reward Offered In Bald Eagle Shootings
05/15/13 Lead Testing in Eagle Population
04/23/13 AEF Grant Awarded to Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources
04/18/13 Sevier County Foundation Instrumental In Bringing the Bald Eagle Back from Endangered Status
04/16/13 AEF Participates in Opening Ceremonies of 2013 Horatio Alger Award Ceremony
04/15/13 Helicopter Tours Change Routes for Eagle Nest
03/23/13 AEF Participates in Celebrity Fight Night
02/21/13 Rare Eagle Life Finalist Award Goes to Al Cecere
01/03/13 Eagle "Challenger" Thrills Audiences During 2012 Football Season
11/28/12 Al Cecere Honored by Trace Adkins on "Great American Heroes" TV Program
11/14/12 AEF Lends Support to New Raptor Center in Kentucky
06/25/12 Eagle Conservation Group Celebrates "America Eagle Day" on June 20th
04/12/12 REAL Reality TV: Take It Easy & Enjoy The Eagles
11/26/11 Rehabilitated Golden Eagle Released in Tennessee by AEF
10/26/11 Escaped Dollywood Bald Eagle Reunites With Mate Of 22 Years
10/06/11 Bald Eagle Volunteer Gets Tentative Clean Bill of Health After Escape
10/04/11 Eagle "Volunteer" Captured Oct. 4, 2011 in Wears Valley

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