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Introducing "Romeo" and "Juliet" - the Wild Ones!

Adopt Romeo and JulietIn 2013, the American Eagle Foundation sponsored for the first time, a wild eagle nest HD video cam located in Northeast Florida.  The resident eagles, "Romeo" and "Juliet," are the architects, builders, renovators, and custodians of the nest.  They have, for 8 years, returned to the nest in late August or early September to begin the cycle of nest preparation, mating, laying eggs, hatching, & fledging their young.

The AEF is providing a way for you to "virtually" adopt Romeo and Juliet in order to help fund our HD camera expenses, support our efforts to care for and rehabilitate eagles and other birds of prey at our United States Eagle Center, and to help protect Bald Eagle habitats in the wild. The "landing page" for this nest provides information about this pair and links that take you to the actual streaming HD video pages.

The experience of seeing these wild birds in their nest - without once disturbing their daily lives - will enrich your life and give you many hours of pleasure, while educating you about the USA's National Symbol.

For $500, you or your group can adopt this pair of Bald Eagles.

Click Here to Adopt "Romeo" & "Juliet"


AEF Resident Eagles

You can adopt a very special non-releasable eagle or eagle pair. For instance, you can sponsor "Challenger" or "Osceola" (or any eagle) for a $250 donation or our "Independence" and "Franklin" breeding pair (or any breeding pair) for a $500 donation.

The eagles listed below are in residence at the American Eagle Foundation and are available for virtual "adoption." They are, of course, cared for by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation (AEF) for educational and propagation purposes, and are not permitted to be physically cared for or housed by the adoptor.

You will receive a special eagle adoption certificate and a color photo of and biography about your adopted eagle(s). You will also receive a one-year family membership if you (as an individual) adopt an eagle.

In addition, we will acknowledge your generous donation with a special "thank-you" letter that can be used as a receipt for your tax-deduction purposes.

Your Adopt-An-Eagle donation will be used to conduct our birds of prey care and public environmental education programs.

Non-releasable eagles that can be adopted are listed below. By clicking on a name, you will go to that eagle's special page which has an Adopt An Eagle Donate button at the bottom.

Bald Eagles

Aubbie - in memory
Brave Spirit
Mr. Lincoln

Golden Eagles


Bald Eagle Pairs

Franklin & Independence
Isaiah & Mrs. Jefferson
Volunteer & Hero

Golden Eagle Pairs

Wankan Tankan & Cheyenne


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