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Special Acknowledgments: 25 Years Of Survival & Success

By AEF Founder/President Al Cecere

"Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
The primary reason that I have personally been able to have the vision, strength, and hope to pursue and/or play a part in any of the accomplishments that the American Foundation has achieved over the past 25 years is because of my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Whom I look to each and every day for direction, favor and provision.
On the occasion of the AEF's 25th Anniversary celebration, I wish to thank and acknowledge the many individuals, companies and organizations for their current and past support, as each and every one of them have been important and welcomed blessings in my and the AEF's pathway.
There are truly far too many people and entities that have helped, assisted and/or supported our organization's cause over the years, but, none-the-less, we'd like to recognize as many of them as possible, as follows:
Dolly Parton, Gretchen Cecere, Sr., Bob Hatcher, Carmen Simonton, Resee Collins, James Rogers, Ken Bell, Judy Ward, Leanne Bowden, Carolyn Stalcup, Sally Moore, Gary Myers, Sen. Lamar Alexander, Congressman David Davis, Congressman Jenkins, Sen. Bill Frist, Sen. Howard Baker, Fred Marcum, Jack Hanna, John Stokes, Ted Miller, Barbara Joines, Tom Cecere, Sam Hamilton, Jack Herschend, Pete Owens, Mary Glannan Cecere, Louis Cecere, Sr., Margaret Cox, Jim Niemeyer, Gov. Pat Quinn, Trish McGee, Carol Agee, Lynn & Morris Walker, Lee Greenwood, Kevin Tierney, Dave Anderson, Gene Scherrer, Jason Boothe, Morgan Duckworth, R.J. McDonald, Mikaela Cecere, Debbie Franklin, Peter McManus, Ken Jenkins, Wayne & Marti Huizinga, Ricky Skaggs, Burma Campbell, Fred Potter, Art Swann, Walter Scott, George Steinbrenner, Louise Mandrell, Michelle Dillon, Dr. Mike Jones, Lorrie Goble, Dr. Denny Ryan, Ron Huntsman, Jeanette Rudy, Tony Burchard, Bob Nixon & Family, Jess Collen, Billy Baker, Danita McLoud, Bernie Dohrmann, David Rowland, Lori Hylan-Cho, Jan & Keith Exum, Patricia Shield Ayers, Sherry Flow, Raymond Green, Joel Manby, Brad Thomas, Charles Haddad, Mike Turner, Gary Laprees, Doug Messer, Julia McCammon, Tom Ingram, David Morgenstern, Jay Adams, Kenny Graves, Billy Carroll, Brett Zion, Don Brown, Judith Seiler, Jimmy Walker, Naomi Edelsen, Glenn & Mindy Stearns, Sean Currie, Stephen Steinhauser, Brenda Otterson, David Provost, Brian Montana, Tim Nudo, Valerie Hinkell, Jim Young, Janine Orlando, Brad McClanahan, Ralph Ockenfels, Bill Ketron, Dennis Snider, Brian Conner, Sean O'Connor Dick Jordan, Judith Newby, Doris Mager, Bill Peterson, Jeff Taylor, Eric Thibault, Steve Estebo, Gil Kneir, Geri Simms, Greg Hylton, Karen & Kevin Buynie, Denise Kirkwood, Julie Ingram, Rob Younger, Mike Hutcherson, Annamarie Hill-Kleinhans, Kirby Metoxin, Mike Metoxin, Pam Lewis, Bob Oermann, Mike McCroskey, Alan Cox, Sandy Neese, John Anderson, William Lee Golden, Walt Richter, Jeff Gordon, Paul Hoffman, Marge Anderson, Alan Hawkins, Nancy Sellers, Aaron Cecere, Tom Griscom, Bob & Karen Easton, Mary L. Wellons, David Fee, Gene Shambaugh, Gil Kneir, Jim Hedrick, Jason Adair, Steve Tillisch, Vernell Hackett , Jim Sharp, Woodrow Dawson, Don Collier, D. Scott Hurley, Robert Wilson, Debbie Tymon, Earva Smith, Jamie Clark, Linda Walker, Tony Morante, Donastine Smith, Dan Mitchell, Mike Smith, Carol White, Vicki Stokes, Bobby Campbell, Anthony Hutcherson, Tom Grelen, Ron Fox, Eleanor Davies, Wendi Coatney, Bill Yambert, Pete Wyatt, Bruce Anderson, Richard Kirk, Scott Somershoe, Walter Cook, Polly Rooker, and Greg Wathen.

We give special thanks to our loyal board members, Bobby Halliburton, Joe Spivey, Steve Compton, Jim Marietta, Bill Czinke, Spencer Williams, Courtney Lewis, Jeff McGee, Jesse Lewis, and Al Cecere, and also to our Bald Eagle Grant Advisory Team members, Bob Hatcher, Dr. Bob Anthony, John Antonio, Dr. Mitchell Byrd, Deb Hahn, Henry Messing, Jody Millar, Tom Murphy, Paul Nickerson, Larry Niles, Peter Nye and Karen Steenhof.
We greatly appreciate the hard work and many contributions of our current staff and team members: Joanne Cheponis, Kay Mauer, Kevin Buchanan, Karen Wilbur, Bethany Pack, Danielle Steckley, Danielle Dickerson, Laura Cecere, Mike Acuff, Rob West, Christine Blackwell, Beth Parker, Julia Cecere, Kelli Morrison, Carolyn Stalcup, Danita McCloud, Cindy Maynard, Leeann Bowden, and Bob Hatcher.

We are also grateful to our numerous past and present volunteers and employees, including Cindy Maynard, Karen Hall, Barbara Rushing and Katie Allis-Paredes, Morgan Reale, Richie Burdeaux, Gretchen Cecere, Jr., Jim & Maureen Brown, John Buchanan, Crystal Mackin, Coral Mackin, Bill Mackin, Pam Carey, Karen Scott, Patrick McManus, Frank Hernandez, Patricia Lynn, David Hawkins, Jean Paul Cortes, Drew Schaeffer, Dan Stockdale, Brent McCarty, Shellene McCarter, Mason Dickerson, Bob Lucas, Craig Strong, Robbie Palmer, LeAnn Jennings, Brittney Barajas, David Hawkins, Cindy Maynard, Patrick McManus, John Stokes, Grace Stottlemyer, Michelle Cheponis, Mike Ozman, Dylan Morrison, Martin Gary, John Veloski, Alan McCarter, Kendall McCarter, Darryl & Lila Stewart, Stephen Stack, Mike Ozmon, John Shields, Dan Wilder, Akiima Price, Joel Newman, Theresa Orr, Ken Driesenga,Tracy Harmon, Frank Palacios, Eleri Thomas, Libby Lydy, Josh DeWitt, Jason Christensen, Tabetha Morris, Kelsey Miller, Mindi Winnie, Michelle Cooper, Marcee Lettinga, Tara Leach, Tanya Rentz, Charlie Robinson, Dawn Elberson, Katie Duhe, Jenna Conforti, Barbara Swimm, Jonathan Gilbert, Stephanie Charles, Courtney Luttrell, Gary Luciano, Adam Keniger, Joe Whisman, Dale Rice, Jim Heptinstall, Clint Ball, Alisa Esposito, James Boutette, Chris Douglass, Tim Douglass, Dr. David Ratliff, Mike Ewell, Patricia Lynn, Angie Morales, Sharon Dale, Kelli Edson, Dale Liner, Misty LaPrees, Stacy Dean, Amy Clark, Rob Zelenka, Brad Russell, Della Kurtz, Tom & Sally Dykes, Norm & Bobbie Kallemeyer, Jayne Rahe, Dale Kernahan Stokes, and all our American Eagle Festival volunteers.

We'd like to thank our many partners, including The Dollywood Company, Silver Dollar City Corporation, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, University of Tennessee Veterinary College, Charles River Laboratories, United States Mint, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Lowes, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, Food City, Kroger, Knoxville Coca Cola Bottling, Blalocks, StreamLogics, Cinergy/Duke Energy, William B. Stokley Foundation, Horatio Alger Society, Nudo Products, Sevier County Veterinary Clinic, CNB Bank, Tennessee State Bank, Citizen's National Bank, Smart Bank, Celebrity Fight Night, Life Changing Lives Foundation, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Combined Federal Campaign, Animal Charities of America, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Royals, Atlanta Braves, California Angels, Durham Bulls, San Diego Chargers, Georgia Southern University, High Point University, Verizon Wireless, CareerBuilder, Bass Pro Shops, National Wild Turkey Federation, Millacs Band of the Ojibwe, Oneida Nation, Chevron, Miller Brewing Company, R.J. Reynolds, Anheuser Busch, Eagle Snacks, Tri-State Jeep Eagle, Dupont, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, WBIR Channel 10, WATE Channel 6, WVLT Channel 8, Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee Star Journal, Best Read Guide to Smokies, Steve Ellis Tours, Lapress Advertising & Design, Smoky Mt. Tour Connection, Tennessee's Mix (105.5), WIVK Radio, WSEV/Mix Radio, The Mountain Press, WJBZ/Praise Radio, The Eagle 100.3, WLYV/Love Radio, WRJZ/Joy Radio, Nashville Tennessean, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, and so many other past and present supporters (members, sponsors, donors, coin/specialty license plate buyers, elementary schools, event ticket buyers, entertainers, record labels, bird food suppliers, newspapers/magazines, TV/radio shows/stations/channels, merchandise buyers, sports teams).
Finally, we'd like to express our gratitude to all the vigilant American heroes (both individuals & companies) who have worked to help bring back our magnificent national bird, the Bald Eagle, from the brink of extinction and also to all the U.S. Military and Veterans who have served our free and democratic nation so unselfishly and bravely.
Thank you very much to all of you who believed in our cause and efforts.
Al Louis Cecere
Founder & President

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